This Doesn't have to be reality

People Change

Shaun used to be caught in a generational cycle of crime and poverty. In Job & Leadership Training (JLT), Shaun gained leadership skills, job training and an internship. Upon graduation, he secured full-time employment at a local charter school. 


Your investment provides opportunity for people to transform their lives.


With a stable income, Shaun is able to provide for his family. As a new father, Shaun is excited to be a role model to his newborn son and looks forward to helping him grow into a leader himself. 

As individuals transform their lives, they rise as leaders and inspire family members to work their way out of poverty too.

Shaun's family is stabilized and he's a leader for his children and wife. His friends also take notice and enroll in JLT themselves. Shaun and his family are surrounded by a community of support. 

Our City

Your impact moves beyond families - it becomes a community-wide impact that rewrites the future for our city.