Why Employment?


Employment provides us with more than just an income.
Employment gives us purpose. It helps us grow and it helps us care for the people that depend on us. When a person is employed, they are less likely to commit crime, less likely to be in poverty and more likely to be healthy.


Employment lowers crime and recidivism. Our city becomes a safer place for families to live.


As people are employed and educated, businesses have solid workforces and families have disposable income.


When families have resources to work, kids grow up with bigger hopes and dreams for their futures.


Having greater income and access to preventative care helps people live more active and complete lives.


Beyond Jobs is a four-part initiative made up of Job & Leadership Training, Hire St. Louis, Revive Thrift Shop and Hatch Enterprises.

Beyond Jobs equips men with job training, a community of support and employment opportunities so they can access legal, livable wage jobs. While only 16% of men are working when they enter Beyond Jobs, two months later over 60% are employed and five months later more than 73% are employed.


      Job & Leadership Training

      • Classroom Training 
      • Internship
      • Mentor

      Revive Thrift Shop

      • Transferable Retail Skills
      • Back Room Skills
      • Customer Service Training

      Hire St. Louis

      • Temporary Employment
      • Temp-To-Hire

      Hatch interprises 

      • Accelerated Startups
      • Infrastructure Support
      • Business Mentors

      Beyond Jobs Partners

      Local businesses, employers and organizations partner with Beyond Jobs to create more opportunity in our city for people in poverty. As our partners create accessible employment options, more people are able to turn away from a life of crime and violence.

      • Anew Nature
      • ASI Signage
      • Chevy's
      • Cintas
      • CrossFit St. Louis
      • Elite Cuisine 
      • EventsCom
      • Go Green Lawn & Landscape
      • Grace Construction
      • Heavenly Hands Help and Haul
      • Hth Companies, Inc.
      • Icon Window Cleaning
      • Laurel Hill Cemetery 
      • Pallet Logistics Manufacturing
      • Penske
      • The Post Sports Bar and Grill
      • Restart St. Louis
      • Revive Thrift Shop
      • Schnucks
      • Swiss American
      • Urban Chestnut
      • Watlow