Mission: St. Louis Rental Space


One way we are able to serve our community here in North City is by opening up our space to our neighbors for a variety of events.  Our community room, full service kitchen, gym + lounge are available for rental. 

Spaces Available

  • Community Room/Full Service Kitchen
  • Gym
  • Lounge

Rental Information

  • Spaces include His/Her bathrooms located by the gym.
  • Includes a staff member available to help with keys, alarms + equipment. Staff members are not there to help with keeping guests in the space paid for, or ensuring people are being respecful or following laws.  The RENTER needs to be in charge of their own guests. 
  • Organization does not provide food, ice, plates, napkins, cups, etc.  If the Community room is rented, kitchen may be used, but anything non-reusable (ie. paper products) in the kitchen may not be used.  

Contact Markell Jones at markell@missionstl.org for more information on pricing + scheduling, or if you have more questions about our spaces.