Are you an employer in need of workers?

Hire St. Louis is bridging the gap between workforce development and job placement! The Hire St. Louis difference is that we teach all of our temp to hire workers much needed and valuable soft skills that can apply to any job. Through an 8-week intensive Job & Leadership Training program they are challenged to create a budget, open a bank account, address possible mental issues and mindsets, and to overcome adversity, obstacles or conflicts that may arise on the job.

We also offer the opportunity for a 6-week internship at your business to identify if our candidate(s) fit the culture and workflow before hiring.

For an added on $3 per hour, Hire St. Louis will provide:

  • Generation and delivery of employee payroll checks weekly to employees
  • Payment and processing of workers’ compensation insurance
  • Generation of employee W-2’s
  • Payment of unemployment compensation and taxes as may be required by the state of Missouri and the Federal Gov.
  • All deductions and wage garnishments mandated by the state of Missouri and/or federal government
  • Pre-employment 5-panel drug screening

If you're a business interested in temporary, temp to hire workers, or direct hires, then contact us today to get started!

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