Adams Elementary School lies at the heart of the Forest Park South-East neighborhood, where we are located. Adams is part of the provisionally accredited St. Louis Public Schools district. We offer several programs in the school to support their staff and students.

Morning Reading

Youths work one-on-one with a volunteer on a weekly basis to reinforce their classroom literacy lessons. Students have an opportunity to practice their reading, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Volunteers are asked to volunteer at least once a week, to ensure that a helpful, healthy and effective relationship is built to empower each student toward success.


Teachers have a lot on their plates, and as much as they’d like to, they have a hard time meeting the needs of every child in the classroom. That’s where we come in. Each week we place volunteers in classrooms to assist teachers with day-to-day necessities. From tutoring students to running errands for teachers, our volunteers make it possible for teachers to fill the greatest necessities in their classrooms.

Interested in helping? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Amanda Carr at