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"I love that Jesus calls us to something bigger than agreement – He calls us to unity (Ephesians 2.11-21)!

Whatever your views, wherever we disagree, we can all agree that St. Louis is broken, hurting, and in desperate need of holistic Gospel healing. This hurt doesn't have a simple solution. As we love our city, we must be willing to have uncomfortable dialogue inside and outside the walls of the church. Ultimately, of course, we must do more than talk.

Thank you to The Journey West County and Tower Grove for their generosity the past two weekends. Our work would not be possible without your donations and prayers. 

WE MUST COMMIT to being part of solutions that address deep-rooted issues of poverty and division in our city."

-Pastor Jeremy

Mission: St. Louis plays a vital role in the flourishing of our city. If we look at the pain and the brokenness of our city, our heart and vision is that we must bring opportunity and hope to our community. This always involves trust, relationships and hope for what is to come.

Be a part of the tradition as we walk alongside people rewriting the narratives of their lives.

Mission: St. Louis strives to be as transparent as possible, so you can rest assured that your donations are making life-changing impact. We invite you to check out what your money is going to in last year's annual report – there's some great information in there about the impact YOU are making in our city.

Monthly pledges are especially helpful, as our way of saying thanks for your commitment to a monthly gift, we would like to give you a free M:STL t-shirt! Just stop by and check out our new office at 3108 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63107 or Revive Thrift Shop (2202 S Vandeventer, 63110) to get yours today!

Questions or comments?

Please reach out to Jon at 314.369.0393, or just drop by and see our new space. 

"The reason that God wants the church to be diverse is because we all know a part of Him, and we can’t know the other part of Him without each other. We are missing out on what God has for us."

-Sabrine Rhodes