Senior Services

The Senior Services Program strives to make neighborhoods places where older adults may thrive. Our Senior Services program offers support to older adults in two ways: 1. City-wide direct support services, and 2. Neighborhood-based church ministries (South County Senior Ministry).

Direct Support:

Care management and coordination

Working with the St. Louis Area Agency on Aging (SLAAA), our Case Management Specialist works with older adults and adults with disabilities to address physical, social and financial needs through care coordination and case management services. We provide referrals to trusted service providers for services such as home health care, psychiatric care and rehabilitative services, such as occupational or physical therapy.

Neighborhood church ministry partners

Our partnering church ministries promote successful aging by supporting seniors in their neighborhoods to live safely in their homes, lead a physically and spiritually active life and remain engaged in their community.

Within our neighborhoods, we offer a variety of services for, by and with older adults:


Job Squad (minor home repair and yard work program)

Our Job Squad keeps older adults safely in their homes. Services are provided by volunteers with the skill to registered older adults. Volunteer groups also provide yard work blitzes: clearing brush, raking leaves or cleaning gutters.

Health Promotion

Our Health Promotion activities ensure that older adults stay active. We do this by providing services such as Zumba, chair exercises, Pickleball and health fairs.


Sometimes “just getting there” is the greatest hurdle an older adult is forced to overcome. Our transportation programs offer transportation for seniors who need a ride to healthcare related appointments, church services or other errands. Our volunteer drivers stay with our seniors during their appointments providing seniors “a ride without the worry.”

Social and Spiritual Activities

Keeping active and in contact with others is a key component in helping seniors continue to lead a healthy mental and physical life. A variety of social programming is offered as guided by our advisory committees, who are older adults themselves and represent the churches of the ministry.


Each church ministry has a bi-monthly newsletter that is provided to members 65 and older. These newsletters are fun, educational and informative. It is the best way for us to keep our older adults informed of our services and other pertinent information.

If you would like to get more information about the Senior Services program, please contact us at (314) 664-9700.

Interested in volunteering with our Senior Services? Check out volunteer opportunities here.