Affordable Christmas is an empowering holiday event that offers a dignified way to help under-resourced parents provide a joyful Christmas for their children. On Saturday, December 3, 2016 228 families shopped for gifts at drastically reduced prices at our Affordable Christmas store, allowing them to provide a dignified Christmas for their families. With the support of Journey Church and community members from throughout the St. Louis community who volunteered their time and donated toys and funds, our 2016 Affordable Christmas was a success!




You helped us raise $15,966 (almost $1000 more than our goal)!



Thanks to toy drives with the Journey Church, the Ambassador Board Happy Hour, Game Night Gear, Urban Chestnut, Reitz & Jens Inc, Westminster Christian Academy and many community members, we had more than 2000 toys for shoppers!


160 volunteers helped us Affordable Christmas possible. Thank your for your combined 602 hours of volunteer work! 


We served 228 families and 816 children! 

Working in our new building was a huge success. With the extra space we could provide a hot breakfast, childcare, organize toys better, wrap presents, and get people through in a reasonable time. This was one of our most successful years but it was also one of our fastest. We finished before 11:00 with only a few toys remaining (to be donated to a similar program). We also want to thank Jubilee Church for allowing us to use their parking lot so shoppers could safely park and be shuttled to and from our building. If you were a volunteer or shopper and would like to offer suggestions for next year's program, you can email us at  


AS OF 2016 Affordable Christmas has served almost 10,000 kids over 10 years.

* Our new office is located at 3108 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63107