Change comes to our city when we share life with one another, when we love one another + when we serve one another. One way we can serve our city is through generous giving + through our service to our neighbors.

with your generous donation of $10, $25 or $50, we can enter into more
transformative + healing relationships with families in North City!

$15,000 of this year’s Mercy Offering is matched.

We hope you feel called to partner with us in transforming the story of our beautiful + broken city. To see deep change and to see redemption happen in St. Louis, we must enter into relationship.

Your donation is not simply a donation. This commitment allows us to commit to more fathers, students, families + seniors throughout all of our programs.

We are so thankful for your generous donations through the mercy offering over the past 11 years.

want to make a lasting impact?

Monthly support allows us to have a strong foundation for our programs. Having consistent donations each month helps Mission: St. Louis plan and operate more efficiently + gives you the best return on your investment.


 $10 a month provides one meal for JLT  to strengthen relationship and build community
$30 a month provides 8 weeks of manhood classes for one JLT class
$65 a month provides a stipend for one father to complete the JLT boot camp
$100 a month provides ongoing support for one father for 12 months
$350 a month sponsors one JLT father throughout the entire program

Questions or comments?

Please reach out to Laura at or call our office at 636.368.7106.