Why are local start-ups the answer?

New enterprises create jobs. For the unemployed, a job means a ticket to a better life and increased dignity. Economists have estimated that value of a single job to the American economy is at least $80,000 per year. The Aspen Institute found that 3 out of 4 micro-entrepreneurs increased their household income over 5 years and more than half of poor entrepreneurs moved over the poverty line. The return on investment in micro-enterprise development is nearly $3 for every dollar invested. When this happens, St. Louis wins.

How will Mission: St. Louis pave the way?

Mission: St. Louis is uniquely positioned to help under-resourced people start successful businesses in the community. We've spent the last 10 years building relationships with local people and businesses. We've created programs to help our neighbors pull themselves out of poverty, while building partnerships with business leaders who are committed to changing St. Louis. 

Mission: St. Louis is trusted in the community like nobody else. Our Beyond Jobs initiative is led by people who grew up in the same neighborhoods that we are working to change. Young men are turning to Mission: St. Louis as an alternative to violence, illegal behavior and idleness. Our men are finding guidance, direction and leadership. Overwhelmed with the needs of their communities, men are ready to step up to the plate and bring hope and change to their neighborhoods. 

What is the best approach to starting businesses in St. Louis?

Our business incubator will create opportunities to put people to work. The initiative will pull all of the resources needed to train workers and help them access the resources they need to be successful entrepreneurs.

What does it take to create a business incubator?