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The mission of Job & Leadership Training (JLT) is to empower men from under-resourced communities to become leaders in their families, jobs and communities.

Students receive a year of services. Each session begins with an 8-week intensive boot camp course that includes classes 3 days per week, internships 2 days per week and weekly personal mentorship. The following 10 months includes bi-weekly group meetings to build on the lessons learned during the boot camp and to provide a continued community of support. Students also meet monthly with our Resource Advocate to complete Personal Development goals. Through training, internships and a community of support, men are empowered to transform their lives. 

Our Target Students are men ages 22-35 living in the St. Louis area who:

  • Have secure housing arrangements.
  • Are open and willing communicators.
  • Are reliable and possess a willingness to learn.
  • Display a perceivable desire to grow as a man and a leader.


Students attend 5 different types of classes over a course of 3 days a week during the boot camp phase:

The Job Training Class introduces basic job readiness skills in combination with principles from life situations & experiences.

During the Community Health Class, participants create a family tree to explore personal, family and community health issues.

Students complete a Financial Literacy Class, which teaches them how to manage their money.

Support & Success Class help students discover their unique personality, skills and interests. Students talk about community issues and solutions as well as perform a community service project.

In Biblical Manhood Small Groups, students learn  and challenge each other to become leaders and male role models in their households and communities.

Student Internships

Each student interviews for and obtains an internship that allows him to apply the techniques and skills that he has gained through training. Each week students receive in-depth evaluations on their performance. In addition, the program provides young men with a source of income for them to provide for their own needs.

Students have the option to intern with business partners such as:

Revive Thrift Shop; Anew Nature; Cintas Corporation; Urban Chestnut Brewery Company; Chevy's; The Journey Church; Swiss American; Schnucks Bakery; Strait Group; Go Green Lawn and Landscape; Crossfit St. Louis; Jamba Juice; Taf Company

Community of Support

Volunteers in the community serve their time as job coaches, small group leaders and mentors to provide a healthy and productive network for students. Relationship building is crucial in their success. Through their community of support, they go on to attain jobs, schooling and training.

Are you a business owner interested in partnering with us? We are always looking for new businesses to provide in-class instruction or positive internship experiences that allow students to exercise what they learn in class. Contact our Beyond Jobs Operations Manager, Cami Kasmerchak at to get started.

Are you interested in volunteering? We need people to serve as job coaches, small group leaders, mentors and guest speakers. We also need people to provide meals for each class. Check out volunteer positions for Job & Leadership Training here.



JLT is financed in part through an allocation of Community Development Block Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the City of St. Louis' Community Development Administration.