Job and Leadership Training for Women - Student Relations Coordinator

Under the leadership of the Director of Beyond Jobs and the Beyond Jobs for Women Manager, the Student Relations Coordinator will execute and grow the Job & Leadership Training program for women. The mission is to empower women who come from under-resourced communities to become leaders in their families, jobs and communities. The program will consist of two week sessions with a year of monthly follow-ups.

The position requires someone who:

  • Is able to deliver quality program services

  • Is able to relate to women of diverse backgrounds

  • Is passionate about serving the inner city population and is able to take information and communicate it in a contextual way

  • Is able to manage conflict in a direct yet caring way

  • Is able to form positive working relationships with local businesses and community agencies

The main projects and responsibilities for this position include:

  • Build solid relationships with JLT students in order to teach, coach, encourage and challenge them to grow personally and professionally

  • Execute program systems promptly, efficiently and accurately

  • Complete program intake and evaluation paperwork efficiently and accurately

  • Recruit students each session through partnerships and word of mouth

  • Develop partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits to offer supportive services to program participants

  • Teach classes on soft skills, womanhood and other topics as needed

  • Facilitate conversations among groups of students and volunteers as needed

  • Problem-solve and address crises that arise with students, volunteers and internship providers

  • Help manage in-session/post-session class activities

  • Ensure JLTs continued impact

  • Communicate with volunteers, businesses and students to obtain reports on students attendance and behavior reports, internship evaluation scores and spiritual growth

  • Monitor each student in areas that are key indicators of success (as laid in outcomes and evaluation plans) and develop interventions as needed

  • Monitor Individual SMART Goals and graduation qualifications for each student

  • Work with students to develop and achieve personal goals

This list is not absolute; other duties and responsibilities will arise and may be assigned by any senior team member.

Ideal candidate will have: Experience working individuals from all walks of life. Case management and/or job development skills are preferred.

If interested in applying, please send an email to with the cover letter in the body and a resumé attached.

This is a full-time position requiring no less than 40 hours per week. This is an at-will

position and the terms may be altered or cancelled at any time by either party.