Jason Hampton was shot 17 times. 

He was in the hospital in a coma for over 30 days. His mother faced the horrible decision of removing him from life support. Thankfully she waited -- and he woke up. 

After this experience, Jason decided to change his life. Your support is critical to providing men like Jason with the opportunity to rewrite their stories. 


When Jason started Job & Leadership Training (JLT), he was 31 years old, had four children and never held a job. JLT volunteers like you walked with him as he learned to take a new direction in life. Not only did Jason get and keep a job at Chevy's restaurant, but he has become a squad leader who encourages other students to be on time for classes and take the program seriously. At JLT graduation, Jason told his class, 

"Mission: St. Louis gave me an opportunity to do something better with myself...my kids will see a better me." 


Over 90% of JLT graduates are not re-offending.

Our Beyond School students are growing 2-3 months in math + reading each month they're with us.


Your support provides over 50% of our annual budget. 



Thank you for believing in our unique approach, where we first and foremost affirm dignity. Everything we do conveys, "you matter, you have worth, and you have a role to play in our community." 

As we move to North City, we need you to believe in us now more than ever. Your generosity dramatically impacts our organization and will have great impact on people in our city in 2017. Help us meet our goal of $250,000 before the end of the year. 

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Invest today and rewrite the story!