Through The Eyes of Youth

Our Beyond School students recently took part in the Photovoice project, where they were given cameras. They were asked to go around the neighborhood and capture images of what areas they loved and what areas they would like to see improved. Below are some of the photos they took and their thoughts in response to the exploration. These photos and others are now on the walls of the following local businesses: Amy’s Corner Bakeshop, Handlebar, City Greens and Rise Coffee. We encourage you to go and patronize these businesses and view the photos.

We appreciate them taking time to capture these images of the neighborhood, and we hope to continue to encourage people to recognize how beautiful their neighborhood truly is past the wear and tear. Not only to encourage them, but empower them to improve our neighborhood and build strong bonds with the community. St. Louis is our city, and we want to be able to show everyone how beautiful it truly is!

Maggie Becker