Our Stories

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Eddie’s dream is to one day own his own t-shirt printing business. In the meantime, he is learning the art at Affiliate Merchandising Group, the t-shirt business where he now works, after interning there during JLT. Eddie continues to excel in his role and was recently promoted to a printing position with greater responsibility.



Amir refuses to be satisfied with the status quo, always striving to grow and learn. In the 2017-18 school year he grew 5.3 grade levels in reading and 6.2 levels in math, all the while increasing his grade in every one of his classes.



CrisTasha, a member of our Beyond School A+ program, spent a whole 68 hours mentoring the next generation of Beyond School students last year. Said one of her mentees, "When I was hard to work with, she was always patient, encouraging me to keep going!"

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When Jerry graduated JLT, he started working here at Mission: St. Louis on our building maintenance staff and mentoring the next collection of JLT students. In the fall of 2018, he added to his role, becoming facility manager and roaster for Switch Coffee Collective.

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When he entered JLT, Darrell’s minimum wage job left him struggling to support his family. During his JLT session, Darrell excelled at his internship at Slalom Consulting, was hired on and has been working faithfully at the company since, happily providing for his wife and two kids.



In one year, Chloe read 23 books, grew 2.6 grade levels in reading and 4.1 grade levels in math. Her love for learning has her excelling with the tools Beyond School provides.



“I didn’t make it through high school, so I wanted my mama to see me walk across something.” Darrus celebrated his first ever graduation during the Summer 2018 JLT Session.