Our prayers for our city

peace understanding dear hate.jpg

"Peace. Understanding.


Dear hate,


...love's gonna conquer all."

It’s no secret that our city has a deep rooted history of injustice and pain that continues to be written today. We see the pain and acknowledge we must play a role in the healing of our city. We asked members of The Journey church what their prayers are for our city. Over 200 cards were returned. We wanted to share some of our favorite ones.

This year, a majority of the prayers focused on the unrest our city has been experiencing. Even a month after the verdict announcement, it is still on everyone’s mind. Just as we need to find our role, the church also is figuring out their role. We know that God calls us to love our neighbors and we are all made in the image of Christ. We must learn to genuinely value one another and see the humanity of every person. We believe in the power of relationships to restore our city. Often these relationships are with people who do not look like ourselves. It’s important to reflect on our own relationships and make an effort to love our neighbors as God loves us.

“That people would be able to look at a person and their race would not be their distinction. That we in STL could be an example of overcoming old, flawed beliefs. We would all come together as brothers and sisters who love and help one another despite our differences.”

“That God would hear the cries of the brokenhearted people, that he would heal the the deep divisions in this city, that he would open the eyes, ears and hearts of those in power in the government to the injustice in the city and that they would be motivated to do something.”

“That we treat everyone with love. Love is a word that means so much. The Bible says ‘Love is patient. Love is kind.’ Those words power us to defeat hate. God did not create a special kind. He made a superb species that should love and take care of each other.”

“That people will listen to each other with humility and love and that people will remember that we are all made in the image of God.”

We all believe that St. Louis has the potential to serve as a model to other cities for racial reconciliation and justice. We see the strength and beauty of our city, now it's time to put in the work and effort to make it a place for everyone. All of us can commit to take action to improve our city. Use your gifts and passion to get involved, no matter how big or small.

  • Have a gift for writing? Write senators and members of congress to demand an end to discriminatory practices in law enforcement, the judiciary, education, and the media.

  • Love socializing? Start conversations with your family, friends and coworkers about ways to work towards justice.

  • Want to connect with others? Sign up to be a mentor in our Job and Leadership training program. Learn more about the program and opportunities here.

“St. Louis will encounter Christ and it will shake us and be the catalyst for change and restoration. May we have the courage to push through the lines of division so we can listen and understand. Please grant us the strength and wisdom for restoration.”

“That the systematic racism be completely removed, that people of color feel safe and valued...that we embrace diversity...that a child of color be given the same opportunity as white children.”

“The chains of generational sin are broken and the hearts of all are changed. That we (St. Louis) would become a model for the world for God’s power through racial reconciliation.”

It’s important to remember that prayers are necessary, but without action, nothing will truly change. How will YOU commit to making St. Louis a better place?

Mandy Zoelzer