Ten Years of Mission: St. Louis

For over 10 years, we have been growing and learning. From the Journey Church to The Grove to Jeff Vander Lou, life with M:STL has always been an adventure. When Josh Wilson began building a relationship with Adams Elementary in Forest Park Southeast, our mission of empowerment truly began to take shape. When our first JLT class graduated, our vision of impact through empowerment was realized. This is a vision we continue to work for every day.  Take a moment to look back with us on some of those big events in our history. 


July 2006

The vision for Mission: St. Louis is born

May 2007

M:STL incorporates as a non profit 

February 2010

JLT starts in Josh's living room

November 2012

First JLT (Jobs for Life) Graduation

May 2014

M:STL wins GiveSTL Day competition for an extra $5,000

October 2016

Over 40 people employed by M:STL

December 2006

Our first Affordable Christmas takes place 

November 2008

1st NFTT takes place at Preservation Hall

April 2011

M:STL moves to the Grove 

January 2014

M:STL merges with Senior Ministry Network

August 2015

Beyond School becomes embedded in St. Louis College Prep

November 2016

M:STL moves to 3108 N. Grand

February 2007

Morning Reading starts at Adams Elementary 

June 2009

300+ volunteers work in Forest Park Southeast

August 2012

Our first after school program starts at our ofice

February 2014

Revive Thrift Shop opens on Vandeventer 

September 2016

M:STL hosts its 9th NFTT with keynote speaker, Steven Lipstein 

May 2017

M:STL holds N. Grand Open House

See you again soon! 

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