Meet Shaun

When Shaun was in just eighth grade, he was kicked out of the public school system and never returned. Shaun had all the odds stacked against him. Statistics say that he faced a high likelihood of ending up unemployed, in jail or even dead.

What stopped Shaun from becoming just another statistic? You.

In 2013, Shaun found our Job & Leadership Training program. Upon graduation, he was determined to continue to transform his life and put the lessons he learned in JLT into practice.

Today, Shaun is the first full-time custodian at South City Prep, and his supervisors believe he is extremely valuable. His supervisor, Monica, knows she can rely on Shaun to get the job done. She consistently contacts him for his advice on how to keep the school maintained and trusts his opinion. Shaun and his co-workers continue to become closer, and now he views them as family. Not only does he excel at what he does, but he’s also rising as a leader to the students at South City Prep. He encourages them, reminds them to adhere to dress code and listens to them when they’re struggling.

“I always tell the students to ‘PUSH’: Pray Until Something Happens,” he says.

Shaun is also a leader at home. He’s a loving partner to his fiance and an involved father to his 1-year-old son, Ka’Vaion. Taking life day by day, he continues to focus on his future by being a leader and impacting the lives around him. One of his new goals is to learn each of the scholars’ names, confidently adding that he hopes to be at South City Prep for a long time.

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