New Building Wish List

When we decided to move 3.6 miles from our office in The Grove, we didn’t know exactly what to expect. We have been slowly but surely getting our bearings in our new home on North Grand. We have started to meet our new neighbors, picked the best routes to drive or take the bus to work, and found new places to get lunch (We are just six minutes from Old North’s Crown Candy, and we are never at a loss for Chinese with Bing Lau Chop Suey across the street).

Of course, one of the biggest changes has been our new building. After two and a half months and several works days, five separate office rooms are ready for staff. People have been working tirelessly to update our multipurpose room, clean and stock the kitchen, polish tiles, and much more. And it’s paying off. Everyday, our new home looks better and better. Check out the pictures below, or come and see the building for yourself! You can e-mail Jon at to set up a time to come tour the building.

Space for Growth

There are so many ways we will be able to use this space. We will have room to expand our programs and take on new challenges.  Already, Beyond Jobs started a 18+ open gym program for members of  the community to visit and play basketball, and we are holding our tenth Affordable Christmas at our new office! There are at least nine more offices or classroom spaces available for future use plus we have a gym, a industrial-sized kitchen, a multi-purpose room, a large lounge area, an entry room, two unfinished floors, roof access, five sets of bathrooms, several other rooms, and one five bedroom apartment!

This amazing space for growth also means that we need your support more than ever. You are what makes our programs and impact possible. Below is our new building wish list. These are the things that can help us find our footing in our new home and help us grow to a better organization in the future. Some items we need new, but others can be gently used items you might have in your home (*Items are in bold and noted with asterisk).

Please contact us at or or give us a call at 314.534.1188 if you would like to help fulfill wish list, or bring items from the first list below to our new office at 3108 N Grand. 

Wish List One


  • Paper plates, bowls, disposable cups, napkins, utensils, etc

  • Powdered Drink Mixes (lemonade, kool-aid, etc)

  • Kitchen cleaning materials (examples here)

  • Oven mitts*

  • Cooking supplies* (cooking sheets, pans, serving utensils, electric mixer, mixing bowls, etc.)

  • Crock Pots*

  • Silverware dividers


  • Crayola markers

  • wall hooks

  • Mini fridge


  • Basketballs*

  • Air pumps*

  • Foosball balls*

  • Pool ball set*

  • Four pool cues*

Other Supplies

Wish List Two: Furniture and Large Items

If you are interested in helping us purchase any large furniture items, please contact Jon at or give us a call at 314.534.1188


  • Couch

  • Two chairs

  • four matching desks

  • four matching desk chairs (options we like one, two)

  • two matching low tables (options we like one, two) with three matching chairs per table (options we like one, two)

Multi-Purpose Room

  • 30-40 chair set (options we like one, two)



  • Four matching L shaped Desks


Other Items

  • Computers (please make sure it is in good working order and completely formatted)

  • Portable Stage (for Graduation and Presentations)

  • TV monitor and wall-mount

  • Lawn Mower

  • Carpet tile

  • Reclaimed wood

  • gentle used patio table with umbrella*



As the holiday season begins, we are so thankful to have such wonderful people supporting us In all that we do.

Rebecca HarbisonComment