Our City. Our Summer: Part Two

Summer is a magical time. The aroma of BBQ and entire days spent at the pool are almost wonderful enough to make up for the oppressive heat and humidity we all love to hate.

While our Beyond School students have classes year-round, they will still have a month off this summer to enjoy being kids, beating the heat in all kinds of creative ways. Even the men in our Job and Leadership Training find ways to enjoy summertime while working hard to achieve their professional and personal goals. Summer traditions and shared memories connects us and makes summer in St. Louis a special kind of celebration.  

So -- what are our Beyond School students looking forward to this summer?

Dyawna, a 5th grader, watches neighborhood children dance for joy in front of a fire hydrant one afternoon. As she watches them, Dyawna daydreams about her school’s trip to Six Flags, which offers a paradise of waterslides and wave-pools.

Ronald, a 6th grader, also plans to cool down in the heat. He plans to remain inside as much as possible or stay in the shade while outdoors. This plan is the opposite of wearing uniforms everyday during the school year.

Kendra, also a 5th grader, uses paper to make a fan as she demonstrates her technique to beat the heat. Do-it-yourself projects like Kendra’s craft are a great option when it’s simply too hot outside to safely have fun.

Although summertime changes as we get older, our JLT students still enjoy some of the same summer pastimes they cherished when they were kids.

Thomas loves to barbecue and go bike-riding. Swimming at the community pool or Six Flags are two of his favorite places to take refuge from the heat. Eating is another major part of Thomas’ summer. And, like many of us, he agrees that it’s worth standing in line for – even when the heat is brutal.

Robert prefers to stay away from the heat and be inside with cooler air. He dreads having to work throughout the summer and not being able to fully enjoy the season. It’s hard to deny the truth in that statement.

Embracing summer in St. Louis means relishing the fun and each other, even when we are all sweating excessively! Thank you for helping make our summer-loving community of students have a happier and healthier season through your support of Mission: St. Louis.

Mandy Zoelzer