Impact Our City: Join Our Team

Join our team to empower more students and transform more lives in our city!

Our Beyond School program prepares students to enter high school with the social, emotional and academic tools needed to be successful. Through a partnership with AmeriCorps State, we can help impact more students and empower them to be leaders in our city!

Are you passionate about seeing our students succeed academically, emotionally and socially? Do you have a gift to teach? Are you able to connect with our students? Then you should apply to be apart of our Beyond School team!

We are hiring for part-time Success Coaches and full-time Liaisons positions.

The Liaison position for our Beyond School program is responsible for helping to create and implement a high quality Beyond School Program. This full-time position requires someone who is skilled not only with communication, scheduling, and logistics, but also is able to connect with volunteers and students, alike. The Beyond School Liaison must be very resourceful in identifying potential volunteers and community partners.

The Success Coach position for our Beyond School program requires someone who is great at connecting with students. The primary focus of the Success Coach’s work with students revolves around the students’ academic and social/emotional growth and getting them to cultivate habits that will result in life-long success. They must be able to respond with positive, appropriate behavior, even in frustrating situations with at-risk youth.

Success Coaches and Liaisons report to the Beyond School Program Coordinator and must be willing to take direction, voice ideas in a respectful manner and function as a team member with other Beyond School staff.

Other responsibilities of Success Coaches and Liaisons include:

  • Participating in Beyond School Staff meetings and professional development to develop and implement a high-quality program
  • Fostering a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for our scholars, parents, staff, and volunteers
  • Working with team to implement the Beyond School Culture Manual policies
    • Upholding Beyond School student expectations
    • Serving with fellow Beyond School staff as a consistent and fair disciplinarian for our students
  • Communicating regularly, effectively, and kindly with parents by attending open houses/parent conferences/parent events
  • Providing individualized guidance and ongoing feedback as you meet one-on-one with students during weekly sessions 
  • Internalizing and exhibiting the Beyond School Mission 


  • Supporting and helping complete all daily tasks that must be implemented for Beyond School
  • Maintaining communication with your student's teachers and supporting staff in order to best support each student’s needs
  • Overseeing volunteers serving each team in order to maximize growth
  • Leading all aspects of academic time for your students
    • Collaborating with Director of Beyond School and Beyond School Liaison to develop and implement daily lessons in literacy and math
    • Tracking student grades and NWEA scores in software system ETO order to monitor student growth
    • Preparing each student’s lesson plan folder or other necessary student materials
  • Scheduling and planning all Community Service and enrichment classes/opportunities
  • Creating and managing logistics for student transportation
  • Overseeing, planning and implementing of Family Nights
  • Collaborating with the Volunteerism VISTA and Director of Beyond School to maximize efforts for volunteer and intern recruitment 
  • Administering volunteer and intern training and ensuring volunteer training binder is up to date and accurate
  • Maintaining communications with volunteers and ensuring they are appreciated and cared for
    • Planning and executing volunteer meet ups and appreciation events


Kids don’t scare you.

Not only do you like kids, but you’re able to manage them well…even on the off chance that they’re not listening or behaving. (Do kids ever do that?)

You are very flexible, even with last minute changes.

You have plans, but you are ready to adjust as needed when unforeseen obstacles arise.

You can bridge communities of different types of people.

You are not only comfortable with different types of people, you understand how to help them connect with each other.

You can command attention.

When things get chaotic, you can take control and redirect the situation.

You are organized.

You can complete tasks and building systems and structures.

You’re a team player.

You can take direction, but you can also work with others to develop and carry out task. You can respectfully voice your own opinions while listening to the ideas of others. To you, differences with teammates are opportunities to learn, grow, and collaborate.

Most importantly, our Success Coaches must have high energy and enthusiasm with a strong belief that our Beyond School students can succeed and thrive in their communities!

If you believe you have some, if not all, of the skills listed, then apply to join our Beyond School team! Please send your resume and cover letter to Erin at We’re hiring for these positions quickly, so please apply as soon as possible.


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Amber Lacy