Meet Mission: St. Louis' Ambassadors Board

The Mission: St. Louis Ambassadors Board is a group of dedicated individuals who work together to plan, promote and participate in events supporting our programs and mission.  We would like to showcase our committed members of the Ambassadors Broad to celebrate the board's two year anniversary. To learn more about how you can get involved, contact us at 

Get to know the current members of the Ambassadors Board!

From top left to bottom right; Daniel, Natasha, Morgan, Pam, Crystal, Barrett, Nate, Cate, Michelle

Natasha: It was an opportunity to support Mission: St. Louis with one of my favorite pastimes; event planning. When I was younger, I aspired to be a celebrity event planner (probably needless to say that it didn’t work out). But I was excited to be able to incorporate some fun into philanthropy!

Pam: I wanted to spread the word about Mission St. Louis and come up with creative ways for young professionals to learn about it.

Daniel: I moved back to St. Louis after being abroad and wanted to reconnect with the St Louis community by getting involved.

Michelle: I decided to become an ambassador because I had been volunteering for specific events for MSTL since 2007, but wanted to get more involved. I also was looking for the opportunity to meet new friends, and , as a professional, it's a great resume builder!  So far, it's met all my expectations!

Crystal: I wanted to be a part of something highly needed in this city and Christ centered. 

Natasha: Seeing the finished product, when the event comes together.

Barrett: Spreading the word.

Crystal: The team I get to work with and how it keeps me aware of the reality of the needs of others in my city.

Cate: Learning about all the different programs and witnessing real positive change happen in the St. Louis community.

Daniel: Being able to provide support to a great non-profit and working with other ambassadors to come up with new fundraising events to benefit Mission St Louis's different programs.

Pam: Meeting other young professionals who are passionate about supporting Mission St. Louis and seeing new people become involved.

Natasha: I love that Mission: St. Louis strives for empowerment, giving people the tools to succeed rather than a handout. I’m proud to support an organization that is focused on those fundamental steps to overcome poverty.

Crystal: When I hear the success and accomplishments of this organization, I get goosebumps.  It’s truly making a lasting impact. 

Daniel: I believe in the work that Mission St. Louis does and want to help by using the resources and experience that I have from my career.

Cate: Their mission is holistic and very rooted in relationship-building. I think the only way to really make a difference in a person's life is to build a relationship with them. That takes time, energy, and is challenging to do well, but MSTL isn't afraid to put that at the core of it's programs.

Natasha: I spend a lot of time playing with spreadsheets. Though outside of the office, I love to travel, go to shows or dabble in some up-cycle craft projects.

Crystal: I enjoy doing a variety of things with interior design, decorating and real estate.

Daniel: My work as an engineer regularly takes me abroad to support our other sites. Outside of work, I play music or train for my next race.

Pam: I'm active in local politics.

Morgan: I love reading, being outdoors and looking for new places to hike across Missouri.


Crystal: All things foodie and festival related.  We’ve got some great food and music! -Blue City Deli has the best smoked pulled pork sandwich ever!!

Cate: My husband and I are members at the Botanical Garden so I love to visit when the weather is nice. I also love tossing around a Frisbee in Tower Grove Park and catching matinee movies at the Hi-Pointe theater. As for food, I'd have to say all the Bailey's restaurants for dinner and dessert, Union Loafers for lunch, and SweetArt or Rise Coffee House for a latte and breakfast sandwich that is out of this world.

Daniel: Vista Ramen is a new favorite restaurant of mine. 

Pam: I love Tower Grove Park and Garden on Grand. 


Michelle: My favorite thing to do in St. Louis is probably the Tower Grove farmers market and free yoga on Saturday mornings.  Also hiking in Castlewood Park. My favorite place to eat right now is Lulu's Local Eatery. Try the cauliflower bites! 

MorganEating! My favorite restaurant is Guerrilla Street Food and favorite place for ice cream is Clementine's Creamery.  

Natasha: I could probably live in Forest Park; there’s so much to do! My favorite place to eat is The Vine, without a doubt.

Natasha: My advice is to consider your hobby or expertise; then think about how that can be be put into action for a cause that you’re passionate about. And most importantly, say yes! There are lots of opportunities out there, so don’t be afraid to take one.

MorganThe great thing about St. Louis is there are volunteer opportunities all around. I think people should decide on a cause that is important to them and do some research. It's important to believe in an agency's mission and know who or what their programs serve.

PamFind something you're interested in or care about - and lookup local groups related to it. It's amazing how many circles overlap in St. Louis, which makes it a lot easier to meet people once you start getting involved. 

Daniel: Look to friends and family who are already involved in something. They will be your best resource for helping you find something that will work for you. 

Barrett: It's easy! Reach out to an organization that you feel strongly about.

Michelle: There are so many avenues! Find something that interests you and volunteer to try it out.  Network!  Go to your neighborhood association meetings.  The key is to find something that excites you and spend more time doing it.  Don't worry about how long you'll be in St. Louis or if you'll be good at something; anything that makes you smile is worth whatever time you can give.  This city needs everyone to get involved doing what they love!!!  Get your kids/family/friends to do it too!  The more the merrier!

Cate: Spend time in the neighborhood you live in and learn more about the causes that really resonate with you. Build relationships with people who are different from you. I think people's passions are really developed when they invest in and observe the spaces that they spend time in and when they really pay attention to what is going on.

Crystal: For low commitment but very helpful: Join our Ambassador Network to attend and invite friends to social activities with a cause.  For more commitment: Apply to be an Ambassador to help plan future fundraising events. Or check out volunteer opportunities directly with Mission: St. Louis and their programs.



If you thrive on planning events and relish at the chance to meet new people, the Ambassadors Board is looking for you. We want to bring together enthusiastic and self motivated leaders to champion our mission and develop partnerships throughout the St. Louis Community. Join the Ambassador Board Facebook to keep updated on events or contact Mandy at to learn more. 


Rebecca Harbison