2016 Top Ten Social Media Favorites

2016 was a year of new adventures for Mission: St. Louis. From successful volunteer events to tough conversations to great parties, 2016 had it all. Let’s take some time to remember the year and reflect on your favorite social media moments! 


Thank you St. Louligans for choosing us as your Charity Du Jour last August! We love supporting St. Louis sports and love it when they support us! Go St. Louligans! 


Number Nine: Suave Creations Barbershop

Looking your best can make a big difference in the professional world. Rico of Suave Creations Barbershop helped make that possible for our summer JLT class by providing haircuts for graduation.  We are honored by the hard working men who graduated our four JLT sessions last year. 

Number Eight: Night for the Town

Once again, Night for the Town was a night to remember! With music from Jake Gehret and the Broke Down Sound, delicious food, inspiring speakers and a great after party, we won't soon forget our time there. Our photo album for the event received 113 likes on Facebook and reached 2,316 viewers!

Number Seven: Affordable Christmas

With your help, we raised $15,966, collected and purchased more than 2000 toys, and served 228 families and 816 kids in 2016! We had 160 volunteers, toy drives by 6 different organizations, and received donations from countless individuals. You made it happen!





Number Six: Meet DeAndre

Our JLT graduates work hard. They have to overcome personal struggle, past mistakes and inequality. One student who stood out this year was DeAndre. Our first intern and hiree at BJC HealthCare worked hard to make his own success. His story was liked 81 times and shared 32 times on Facebook, liked 54 times on Instagram, and his blog had 114 views! 

Number Five: Church's Loves St. Louis

When Church's Chicken decided to feature both Josh and Jason in their documentary on St. Louis, we were honored. The final product is a beautiful representation of our city. 

Number Four: The Big Move! 

Our 3.6 mile step was big news in 2016. Thank you for 110 Likes on Facebook and 52 likes on Instagram. This also marks one of our most popular blogs with 367 views!  

Number Three: Beyond School and The Mission Continues

Our Partnerships with other organizations have created amazing experiences for the individuals we serve. In early January, we partnered with the Mission Continues to bring police officers to speak with Beyond School students. They discussed what to do when in danger, how to approach an officer without fear and career goals. We hope to facilitate more important conversations in the future. 

Number Two: Happy Birthday Revive!

Revive celebrated it's 2nd Birthday on April 30th and Rack+Clutch, Noonday Jewlery, and The Cup joined us for the party. 

Number One: Brackets for Good and great dancing

Everyone knows the best bracket competition of year isn't March Madness or Fantasy Football. It's Brackets for Good! Last year we made it all the way to the fourth round, when we were sadly defeated by Athletes for Animals. The competition became really intense when Beyond School got involved. Erin Malone, Director of Beyond School, and several talented students created our most shared post of the year. 22,918 people saw our post and 1,169 people watched our video. 

Thank you for a great year. We can't wait to see what we can accomplish together in 2017.

Rebecca Harbison