Meet Jeramie

Meet Jeramie. Jeramie graduated JLT in 2013, but his relationship with Mission: St. Louis and Beyond Jobs didn’t end there. After graduating, he stayed in touch with the Beyond Jobs staff, especially Chris Hill. When personal struggle struck, Chris and Beyond Jobs were there to provide support.  “I was on my way down..., but they kept me grounded”. Right away, Jeramie was connected with Hire: St. Louis.  

Hire St. Louis, which began in 2014, is an expansion of Mission: St. Louis’ Beyond Jobs programming. This staffing agency acts as a catalyst to create successful relationships between employees and businesses. That’s just what happened for Jeramie and his new employer, Patch Properties. By connecting Jeramie with Patch Properties, Jeramie found a job that he could feel good about, and he continues to be a committed and dedicated employee.

Today Jeramie works at an apartment complex owned by Patch Properties doing daily maintenance for the building. He says that what he really likes about the position is knowing there are people who depend on him. He is able to positively impact people by keeping the building in good shape. Not only has Jeramie found a good job, but through this position he found housing where he works. Now he can live independently, work with his hands and provide support to others everyday.

If you are interested in looking for employment through Hire St. Louis or getting involved as an employer, you can learn more on our web page here and fill out an application.

Rebecca Harbison