My name is Nyla and I am in 7th Grade at St. Louis College Prep. Beyond school means a lot of things, including helping others grow, boosting confidence, and becoming a family. Beyond school is what made me break out of my shell. Before I got accepted into Beyond School, I used to be very shy, not talk to anyone, and be by myself. When I got into Beyond School, that changed. Now, I like to talk to everyone, be a role model, and help everyone feel comfortable.

Before I joined Beyond School, I wasn't very good at math. When I joined Beyond School, they helped me with my math and they helped me practice. Now, I don't need help with my math and I can be the one to help other people who need help. They helped me with this in academic time. This is when everyone gets started on homework, and they work with a volunteer. This is the time to practice and get the help you really need.

My favorite part in Beyond School is enrichment. Enrichment is when each kid is given a choice between two or three classes at the beginning of the semester.  The classes are to help you be social and comfortable with everyone. This cycle, I chose Improv. Improv gives me the chance to be silly and social with everyone. In improv we play games and do scenes and think about certain topics to talk about for the next time we all come together. Beyond School challenges me to try new things.

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Beyond School helps students in areas that they are struggling. This helps with school also because the time they have in Beyond School can help them catch up with classes. Beyond School is the best support system you could have. If I have a serious situation going on at home, the staff and volunteers will help you and encourage you to get through it. I am really happy to be a part of this program.



Mandy Zoelzer