My name is Ronnell. I am sixteen and a sophomore in high school at St. Louis College Prep. I am involved in a program called Beyond School with Mission: St. Louis, which is a program that helps me succeed with work both mentally and physically. The program helps by understanding my needs and help solve problems. It helps me stay on track with my grades and also help with problems that I might have with my family or outside the school. They make me want to work harder not just in school but outside of school too. They encourage me to never give up in life or school. They want me to go to school and graduate and go to college.

This program affects me because it helps me understand more in after school then I really do in my classes. I feel like they care about my future and it has been better for me since I have been in this program. Beyond School helped me get passing grades and lead me to succeed. Beyond School shows me that you don't have to be smart to pass a class,  just the simple fact that doing my work in and out of class affects how I do on midterms and quizzes and tests. I learned that doing my homework is a good way to practice and I didn't really think of it like that until I attended Beyond School. When I started doing my homework in Beyond School I realized that in my classes, I started to understand the concepts. Now I get why doing your homework is important. Now that Iā€™m in this program, I think to myself that I am capable of doing much more. Beyond School has affected me positively and I'm happy to be enrolled in this program.

Beyond School has helped me and others. Thank you for reading and I'll hope you'll find out more about this great organization.

Mandy Zoelzer